To me, etiquette is just as important as my screening protocol. Allowing you into my private space is a sacred experience for us both, and I expect my guests to be on their best behavior at all times. If at any point during our time together I feel that my boundaries have been crossed or that I feel disrespected or threatened in any fashion, our correspondence will be terminated immediately on a permanent basis. This also goes for respecting the privacy of my temple space, keeping a low voice when asked, and - across the board - simply being a gentleman at all times. This also applies to contacting me via phone or email. I can guarantee that you will always find me lovely, warm, pleasant, and welcoming company, in return. Being conscious and thorough of the company that I keep provides a safe space for the both of us to have the most grand and luscious experience possible. Quality is my standard, not quantity, so rest assured that you're in great hands with me! If you don't have pure intentions, I kindly ask that you skip me. The door to my temple of sacred sexuality is open to those coming from the highest of intentions; Seekers of sincere love and bliss.