I'm Milan Bonaducci and welcome! Ready to escape from your worries and feel your stress melt away? Let me introduce you to the healing touch of a Nuru Bodyslide. You deserve it!


Your investment in my companionship is not something I take lightly. There is nothing I hate more than disappointment; you have my word I will do everything I can to ensure that your experience with me is all you hope for. 


In advance of our time together, I will extend every effort to ensure that your expectations are aligned with an experience I offer. Once we clarify our expectations, and assuming that you have been honest and sincere in exposing what you are seeking, I promise the following will be true for you or I simply will not accept your donation:


-Your experience will take place in a clean, private, and inviting environment set in a mood to allow for a powerful intersection between us. 

-You will be warmly greeted, thoughtfully engaged, and treated like the treasure you are from our first correspondence until we part company.

-You will not be rushed and I will be fully present during the time we spend together.

-The experience I provide will be as I described it via my website and our emails.


All that being said, I am a remarkable listener, a lady with a pleasant spirit who will make you feel 20 feet tall in her aura. Uniqueness and open dialogue are of most important value to me. Of most significance I believe, you will find me non-judgmental. This may mean pouring out your darkest secrets, or plainly being able to let go, be goofy and actually enjoy yourself. You will discover this easy to do with me. It is a personal priority of mine to live freely. I once read that living privately and out of the public eye was the one and only way to live your life exactly as you wish. And so our time together is our small secret is our perfectly constructed chance to do precisely as we please. It can be our seclusion from the real world, from the monotonous habits we often surrender into. A new reality where each desire is (almost) your command.



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